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Voice over IP (VOIP)
CSS is deploying Voice over IP (VOIP) pbx technology in cooperation with several partners, and is happy to recommend VOIP integrators for your own private system.  CSS connectivity solutions provide Quality of Service (QOS) for the best VOIP deployments available.  Our partners feature Cisco and Shoretel VOIP deployments.
Security and Firewalls
Protect your networks and servers from outside hacking.  CSS Engineers are specialists when it comes to security.  CSS utilizes Sonicwall security appliances to provide intrusion prevention services, content filtering, virus protection, firewall protection, virtual private networking (VPN) and monitoring services. 
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
CSS Engineers will design and build a complete solution to connect your offices worldwide.  Our VPN solutions, coupled with our Voice over IP (VOIP) capabilities allow us to deliver secure services anywhere on the planet.
Anti-Virus Protection
CSS's antivirus system allows us to trap viruses before they reach your office.  Our staff will set up and configure your domain name to transition through our AV service with no downtime.  Coupling our AntiVirus services with our AntiSPAM services reduces the amount of junk mail you receive every day.
Domain Name Services (DNS)
CSS provides full DNS name management and hosting.  When you use CSS you won't need to worry about your domain being hijacked, losing your mail, or making changes.  Our staff will assist you with all aspects of domain management, and yes! we are a real voice, not an automated help line or e-mail support!
Demographic Reports
Ask about our statistcs packages to track visitors to your web sites.  You can see where traffic is coming from, where your visitors are going to, how long they've been on your site, and many other elements.  This service starts at just $9.95 per month!