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Western Washington and the Pacific Northwest
CSS Connects directly to the Qwest, Verizon, and AT&T ATM clouds and Central Offices. CSS has direct fiber access to Seattle, Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, and Victoria.  This allows us to service customers around the Pacific Northwest.  CSS offers hybrid services across the area.  These services include Fiber, Traditional Telco, and Wireless services.  Our engineers will consult, design, and DELIVER your connectivity from T1 to OC-3 TODAY!  Coverage map
Bellingham Collocation Facility
Our privately owned Bellingham facility features 3000 square feet of class A space, protected with FM200 fire suppression, natural gas generator, -48v DC and AC power backup systems, and dual air conditions to guarantee your servers keep cool.  As a customer you can choose to maintain the servers yourself or have our qualified engineering staff do the work for you.  We support single server hosting, escorted services, and private 24x7 access to your own rack.  Call us for more details!  

CSS Colo Cross Connect Order
Our Seattle Washington facilities are located in the heart of connectivity in the Northwest, the Westin Building.  This facility provides us with direct access to the Seattle Internet Exchange, and multiple carriers.  This facility is also interconnected with Verizon and Qwest to provide ATM bandwidth to any customer located in the Western Washington territories.  Anyone that knows connectivity on the West Coast of the United States knows the Westin.
Whatcom County

The CSS corporate offices are strategically located in Bellingham, WA USA.  This location provides direct access to the US and Canadian business markets.  Our local connectivity options allow us to provide the Bellingham/Whatcom County area with more bandwidth than most Tier 2 cities. 

The CSS Backbone is connected via multiple Tier 1 providers. CSS is redundantly connected to the Seattle, WA Westin Building SuperPOP and direct to the MAE-West core Internet hub.   These links give CSS the ability to divert around Internet failures. 

CSS has a membership in the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN).  This membership allows CSS to provision an independent IP addressing infrastructure.  This allows us to support Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and route Internet traffic around problems in connectivity and bandwidth bottlenecks. 

Our high performance links connect directly to the Qwest central office, Qwest ATM cloud, Verizon ATM Cloud, and the Seattle Westin Building.  All of CSS services are secured 24 hours a day in air conditioned environments, with redundant uninterruptible power supplies, and generators capable of supplying power on an unlimited basis.  This allows us to maintain connectivity even in the event of a power grid collapse, major infrastructure damage, fiber optic cable breaks, or Tier 1 carrier outage and routing collapses.

Skagit County

Our Skagit County facilities are located in Mount Vernon, WA.  These facilities are our main location for fiber and wireless distribution in Skagit County.  This facility is uplinked direct to the Westin building over OC-3 facilities. CSS partnered with the City of Mount Vernon to deliver Private access to the Mount Vernon Fiber Network.

The Fiber Optics are important to Mt Vernon because fiber facilities create community value by increasing the communication capabilities in the area. These communications include data, voice, and video.  Fiber bandwidth gives the users the ability to be in more than one place at a time, reduce turnaround times, and increase clarity of information.  The progression from telegraph, to telephone, to fax, to the Internet has proven these services are important for business, as well as personal use.  Businesses can utilize the network to join remote offices and telecommuters together as though they were in one location. The fiber network was deployed to connect Schools, Municipal buildings (Fire, Police, Emergency Services), and major medical facilities. This reduces expenditures of public funds for voice and data services. 

Beyond the public services, private services are being deployed through a partnership with CSS.  CSS has implemented equipment to provision high speed services to the private sector at no cost to the municipal entities.  Multi-Megabit communications and Internet access will help businesses grow and operate more efficiently.  Your business can use the Internet to improve communications, research products, obtain information from suppliers, perform on-line orders, check shipments, and communicate rapidly with customers. 

If your business is a branch office of a larger company, or you are a telecommuter that drives to the metropolis every day, the network can be used to provide high speed connectivity to the main office. 

Current services available include high speed Internet (IP) access, and private Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) services. The network is designed to handle data, voice and video services. CSS has deployed the equipment required to deliver Internet services and VLAN access.

Wireless data equipment is being installed at several locations throughout the area to extend the reach of the network and provide direct access to the fiber ring.  Fiber Services are available now! 

CSS is planning further expansion areas, and developing private systems, interested parties should call as soon as possible to discuss. CSS is documenting location requiests and will deploy to a location as services allow access.  Landlords, Property Owners and developers should investigate direct connection to the system and consolidation of facilities for their multi-tenant proerties. 

CSS has deployed a high speed Interlink between Whatcom and Skagit County!

The Mt. Vernon Fiber Optic Network is a long term investment in the community and your support is crucial to building the network to it's fullest potential!

San Juan County
CSS is working to extend our high speed backhaul network and provide wired and wireless delivery to many of the islands including San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, Stuart, and Speiden. We are collecting interested parties at this time.